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Zombie Pub Crawl 2008

One of the great things about living in Minneapolis is the annual Halloween time “Zombie Pub Crawl”. For the uninitiated, it’s simply a celebration of zombies who like to drink (from bar to bar to bar to bar to….). So if you’re interested, get gussied up and join in the festivities. Here is a link to the official Zombie Pub Crawl site,

Tom Horgen has a good piece in the Star Tribune about the event. Best quote:

Question: “Will we be doing much walking?”

Answer: “About 1.5 miles. We will be walking like zombies, so it will take longer to get from one bar to the next. Also, you may need to stop to feast on human brains.”

Also, here is a video of a ZPC from year’s past:


TC Oktoberfest Celebrations

Haven’t gone out for Oktoberfest here in the Twin Cities yet??   Well, you should.

Tom Horgen of the Strib has the round-up for you and your beer-lovin’ friends.


image: Oliver Lang, Getty/afp – Afp/getty Images