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Minnesota Artists: Low

Performing a great song: “Murderer”. Thanks to 89.3 The Current…


Minnesota Artists: Arcwelder

“And Then Again”

Minnesota Artists: Bob Mould

A great song from a great college-days album:

Time to Exhale… with a Breezy Song

It has been a long and stressful election season. This song always got me in a light mood. Kick back and chill (with your favorite beer).

John Lennon: “Stand by Me” Cover

“Stand by Me” is a classic song. I heard it on the radio today and I thought about all the versions of it that are out there. I still think the best are the original by Ben E. King and this cover by John Lennon in 1975:

“I Swear It’s Not Too Late…”

Bruce Springsteen with Roger McGuinn perform The Byrds’ “Turn Turn Turn”:

Say Anything: “The Man in Me”

Those of you fans of Sota Boy Coen Brothers’ “The Big Lebowski” and Bob Dylan’s song “The Man in Me” will probably enjoy this pop-punk cover by the group Say Anything featuring Chris Conley: