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Daydreaming About Dogsledding?

“It doesn’t matter what it looks like,” he said [of the breed]. “It just matters that it runs fast, pulls hard and can survive in brutal climates. To me the Alaskan husky is the most amazing domesticated animal there is. Anything that can run 150 miles in a single day, nine days in a row and just live on raw meat and water is pretty impressive.”

Jim Wilson / New York Times

Jim Wilson / New York Times

From Greg Breining’s New York Times piece about a doglsedding in Montana.


2009 is not a Rerun of 1993

Daniel Larison is one of the few conservatives not drinking the kool-aid:

There is a widespread and quite wrong conservative interpretation of the present political moment as being very much like 1993, but where Clinton mistook a repudiation of Bush for an endorsement of an aggressive Democratic agenda it is the GOP that has misread what just happened last year. Most of the right seems to expect a replay of ‘93-’94, and so are sticking to the same tactics that they used then (including the turn to Limbaugh and the return of Gingrich)…

Conservatives seem to have spent the last year rapidly regressing from cheering on lame politicians who could at least intelligently recite their platitudes (Romney) to worshipping pseudo-populists who could not even do that (Palin) to elevating random guys who didn’t like taxes (the Plumber) to rallying around a radio host who makes Romney’s own brand of Reagan nostalgia and three-legs-of-the-stoolism seem deep and meaningful by comparison. Of course, there isn’t that much substantively different between Romney’s opportunistic recitations and Limbaugh’s boilerplate, but at least with Romney you knew that he was capable of saying something else and would have said it if he had thought it was to his advantage. The boilerplate is not only all Limbaugh knows how to say, but if you pressed him to elaborate on any of it he would just repeat himself.