Belated Thoughts on the Inauguration

As you probably know, everyone and their grandmother were blogging on the inauguration last week. I just didn’t feel like it, to be honest, to be typing away at a computer while history was happening.

I got up late, watched the inauguration speech (which was truly sobering AND great) and turned it off during the official poem (which SUCKED way beyond what words can say). Afterward, me and my sweetie got dressed and went to a neighborhood bar. I bought a beer for myself and a round of drinks for the afternoon drinkers there. And then we left for an Irish pub where we had a nice lunch. To put things in perspective, people at the first bar were watching inauguration coverage and the people at the second bar were watching a Manchester United soccer match!

Later that night we attended a party. Everyone there could not believe that Bush and Cheney’s term had finally come to an end. I was as amazed as the next person.


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