BC Coach Fired for Interviewing with Another Team

OK. I realize that if you are an employer, it would piss you off if your employee is testing the waters. I would be rightly disappointed.

So it is a bit amusing to see what Boston College’s athletic director, Gene DeFilippo, had to say about firing his coach, Jeff Jagodzinski,  for interviewing with the NFL’s New York Jets (which would be considered a vertical move in that field).

In the world of football coaches, you can be fired at any moment’s  notice for not producing a winning team or not going far enough in the rankings/recruiting/playoffs. So, if that can happen to the coaches, why can’t the coaches also protect their own interests?

It’s called “At Will” employment.

You cannot fault an employee for desiring vertical movement in his/her career. It is the horizontal moves that you can get upset about.


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