It’s Not Always Racism

So now that Count Blago in Illinois is nominating Roland Burris and accusing the Democrats of not wanting an African-American in the Senate, are we once again going to descent into race-based back and forth dementia? Are Blago’s assertions plausible? The Democratic Party was the first major party to nominate a racial minority to the office of the president (over a large field of white candidates, mind you) and campaign very hard for him.

What I hope is that people won’t buy into Blago’s games simply because they want someone, anyone, that is a minority to replace Barack Obama. The reality is that the Democrats, including President-Elect Obama, indicated that they would oppose any of Blago’s nominations (which would taint their mandate (see Richardson, Bill)) before any appointment was announced.

To fall into the race-arguments of the past would be a step back after such a major accomplishment.

Let’s keep moving. FORWARD.


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