You Have to Want It. You Can’t Half-Ass It.

obamacarolinekennedyI’m sure Caroline Kennedy has just about the same chance of being a great Senator as anyone else in New York politics. That may or may not be a compliment. And I’m sure she’s a nice person. I certainly appreciate what she did in being crucial for Ted Kennedy endorsing Barack Obama at such a momentous time in the primary season.

However, she has not exactly been setting the world on fire in her open lobbying to get Governor Patterson to nominate her for Hillary Clinton’s seat. She’s been unclear in answering questions. She has, so far, refused to release financial disclosures that ANY serious candidate should do. She has not enunciated why the hell she wants to be a Senator besides platitudes.

If you do not put forth the effort, people will eventually come to feel that you think you just deserve it.

That did not work too well for Senators Hillary Clinton and John McCain when they came up against a supposedly “not ready to lead” Barack Obama. Even if Patterson does appoint her, she will still have to face the voters in two years. Voters remember…


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