NYT Editorial Praises Minnesota Elections System

So we’re not Florida?:

It’s too early to say whether Mr. Franken or incumbent Senator Norm Coleman will win, but one thing is becoming clear. Minnesota is pretty good at running elections.

The most important thing about this recount is that all votes in Minnesota are cast on paper — mainly on optical scan forms, that get read by computer. That means that when the votes have to be recounted, there are paper ballots that can be inspected. In states that have paperless electronic voting, this cannot be done.

The state Canvassing Board also seems — at least on the information that has emerged so far — to be performing its duties responsibly, and trying its best to figure out the intent of the voters.

It may seem pretty strange that Christmas is nearly here, and Minnesota still has not called its Senate race. But that’s a result of how close the race is — a mere handful of votes, out of some 2.9 million cast.

The deliberate way the state is reviewing the ballots is not a weakness in the state’s democracy, but a sign of health — and of what appears to be a sincere commitment to calling the race for the candidate with the most votes.


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