Will Illinois’ Attorney General Move to Remove Blago?

The Chicago Tribune reports that it is a possibility:

Democratic Atty. Gen. Lisa Madigan, a potential 2010 gubernatorial candidate, is tossing around the idea of asking the Illinois Supreme Court to temporarily (or maybe permanently) remove Blagojevich from office.

How it would work: The Illinois Constitution is vague enough that she could argue the governor’s corruption charges are enough to be considered a “disability”—a condition typically associated with physical or mental issues.

How else it might work: Another portion of the Constitution opens the door to considering whether Blagojevich is “seriously impeded in the exercise of his powers.” The argument again is that the taint of the allegations—that the governor sought to trade official state actions for personal gain—means he can’t govern.

“It’s our job to look at all possible options to make sure the state can move forward,” said Ann Spillane, Madigan’s chief of staff.


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