SHOCK: Stephon Marbury Still Kryptonite to Teams that Want to Win

As Minnesota Timberwolves fans very well know, this man should not be given any kind of basketball contract even if he offers to play for 1 peso. No wonder people are still bitter here. We could have gotten in it done with KG… so it was bittersweet to see him win it all in Boston.

With the New York Knicks and star guard Stephon Marbury expected to part ways today, Marbury decided to take some shots at his soon to be ex-teammates.

In this story, Marbury told Marc Berman of the New York Post:

“I sat there for three weeks and didn’t say one word. I didn’t hear one of my teammates say, ‘Why isn’t Stephon Marbury playing? This is a good system for him, even to play with the second unit to bring more firepower.’ “When things got bad and then worse, guys like Quentin Richardson say, ‘I don’t consider him a teammate. He let his teammates out to dry.’ He didn’t care I was his teammate when I was banished. They left me out for dead. It’s like we’re in a foxhole and I’m facing the other way. If I got shot in the head, at least you want to get shot by the enemy. I got shot in the head by my own guys in my foxhole. And they didn’t even give me an honorable death.”

Marbury did have a good word for Chris Duhon, who dished out a team record 22 assists Saturday night against Golden State. “He looked like an All-Star,” Marbury said about the man who replaced him as the team’s point guard.

Marbury, who makes $21.9 million a year, has not gotten off the bench this year. In dispute is whether Marbury refused to play when asked in the past 10 days.



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