Bibi NetanYahoo Rising Again?

Josh Marshall notes a sobering reality even as President-elect Obama nominates a formidable foreign policy team:

And yet in Israel it’s not at all unlikely that by February Bibi Netanyahu could be the Prime Minister again in Israel. I guess there’s always the argument that you need a Nixon to go to China, that you need someone with impeccable security credentials on the Israeli side to make a lasting peace. That’s one of abiding tragedies of Ariel Sharon’s stroke. (It’s ironic that Netanyahu, who’s got a thin national security resume by Israeli standards, should be seen in that light since verbal and policy aggression are his only real calling cards. But that’s another story …) But Netanyahu is not only the voice of Israeli territorial maximalism, albeit in its current more limited form, he’s also fundamentally unreliable person — a charlatan.

For those of us who are heartened to finally have an administration that realizes this issue is as critical as it is, it’s a very disheartening prospect on the horizon.


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