Obama’s Ulterior Motive with Lieberman

LArry Downing / Reuters

Larry Downing / Reuters

In regards to the Joe Lieberman issue, most of the mainstream media and the leftwing blogosphere seem to be focusing on only two aspects: revenge and mercy.

However, the Anonymous Liberal has a slightly different take:

Lieberman is now beholden to Obama. He’s owes him one. And there may be times in the next few years when President Obama needs to cash that in, when he needs Lieberman’s vote on a key piece of legislation or needs Lieberman’s help to convince people like John McCain and Lindsay Graham to break ranks and join the Democrats. And when that happens, President Obama will have an important chip to play.

While McCain and Graham are officially part of the Republican Party (especially during the presidential campaign), the reality of their lives in the Senate is that along with Lieberman, they are of their own party. They are like an old codger version of ‘The Three Musketeers”. On several major issues, if Lieberman can help sway independent-minded McCain and Graham, President Obama would have a better chance of pushing some tough legislation through.


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