How Obama Won Pennsylvania

Michael Sokolove has an interesting story in the New York Times about Barack Obama’s commanding victory in the state of Pennsylvania. As you all remember, the conventional wisdom was that Obama would have trouble with quote-unquote white, working class voters. The article focuses on Leavittown, Pa., an area with 54,000 people but only 2 percent of the population being African-American. Back in the primaries, Hillary Clinton soundly defeated Barack Obama there.

How did it go last Tuesday in the Leavittown area? Bi-racial Obama defeated McCain 62 to 38 percent.

In the end, [Tina Davis, council president in Bristol Township] believes they ended up voting out of a different kind of fear — fear for their own economic survival. Self-interest trumped racism. “They had to ask themselves if they wanted a really smart young black guy, or a stodgy old white guy from the same crowd who put us in this hole,” she said.



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