Quote of the Day: Anonymous Liberal

“I’ve been following politics long enough not to be shocked by how stupid it can be at times.  But the last few weeks of this campaign have tested even my tolerance.  I actually made myself sit through both McCain and Palin’s stump speeches on CNN this weekend.  Their core “substantive” message–here in the home stretch of a monumental presidential election–is so profoundly unserious that it borders on parody. In short, his argument is that Barack Obama may say he’s not going to raise your taxes, but he really is. And the proof is that he used the phrase “spread the wealth” during an encounter with a plumber (who’s not really a plumber).

This is really absurd stuff. It’s like the target audience here is a kindergarten class. There’s not even an attempt to make an actual policy argument anywhere in the speech. Honestly, I’ve never seen political discourse this dumbed down. It’s beyond pathetic.” – The Anonymous Liberal


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