Battling for the Big Sky State

Jimmy Orr of The Christian Science Monitor reports that reliably-Republican Montana is now being re-classified as a “toss-up” state by both CNN and NBC.

Get this.  The Obama campaign has shipped 300 lawyers to the Big Sky state to assist with the election.  What will they do?  The Billings Gazette reports they will make sure that voters aren’t “turned away or discouraged from voting.”

Not only that but the Obama effort already “has 40 paid field directors, 14,000 volunteers and more than 60 ’staging locations’ statewide, where workers will coordinate a final get-out-the-vote push that began Friday and culminates Tuesday, Election Day.”

Now, I am not sure that Obama can pull this off. The effort, however, is staggering. This man is no Al Gore. If anything, he is forcing his opponent to defend what should have been a relatively safe pawn. The article goes on to state that the Republican National Committee has had to dump $400,000 into the state to keep it from going blue.

That is $400,000 that could have gone to Nevada and Florida. FULL ARTICLE HERE.


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