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The Sad Decline of the Northern Bluefin Tuna

Gain Newman / Greenpeace

Gain Newman / Greenpeace

Andrew Revkin has an excellent post on the declining ocean stocks of the Northern Bluefin Tuna, mainly due to the depletion caused by overfishing.

I think, sadly, environmentalists are really late to the game in this regard. Many species of ocean are well on their way to extinction if we do not do something about it. The reality is, we could all continue to enjoy eating it as high-grade sushi if we all make an effort to curtail our consumpition in order to let stocks recover. But that unfortunately makes too much sense… people would rather consume it now and not worry about the future. They will pay the price by never having it again due to extinction.

Revkin also goes on to talk about what a joke the current quote system for fishing this species is:

The fact is that for years the quota in the West has also been much too high, due to commercial and recreational fishing industry lobbying. And we continue fishing in the spawning area. (Earlier this month I lost a long-running lawsuit against N.O.A.A. to close the Gulf to gear capable of catching bluefins during the spawning season.) It’s all subject to limits but the limits are too high. If they weren’t too high, we would not have the problems. So we have a collapsed western stock and a rapidly declining eastern stock because of greed all around. Continue reading


Halperin.. Continued: Greg Mitchell

Greg Mitchell sounds off as well:

Halperin is so terrified of offending McCain’s team that he recently gave each of them an overall grade of “B” or higher for their campaign work — even though they led him to defeat (in a rout), helped him make the disastrous Palin pick, left much of his reputation in tatters and took much of his party down with him. Other than that: Good work, guys. As I asked after those grades came out, where was Halperin when I needed him as one of my teachers back in high school?…

And who can forget Halperin’s lengthy post at his site back in February when he listed 16 things that “McCain can do” in taking on Obama that the vanquished Hillary Clinton could not. The list included “6. Allow some supporters to risk being accused of using the race card when criticizing Obama” and “11. Emphasize Barack Hussein Obama’s unusual name and exotic background through a Manchurian Candidate prism.” … Continue reading

Webster’s Dictionary Announces Word of the Year

I can’t believe that anyone is happy with this:

Merriam-Webster’s annual Words of the Year dating to 2003, when the publisher started making the selection:

2008: Bailout — ”A rescue from financial distress.”

My personal favorite was 2006’s:

2006: Truthiness — ”Truth that comes from the gut, not books.” Coined by Comedy Central satirist Stephen Colbert; selected as Word of the Year by Merriam-Webster’s online users.

The Douchebags Haven’t Gone Away: Uproar in Maine Over Obama Assassination Sign

It’s going to be like this for 4-8 years unfortunately. Let’s hope that ordinary, honest, and proud Americans will shut these douchebags out:

BOSTON (Reuters) – Passions flared in a Maine town on Thursday over a sign in a store asking customers to place bets on an assassination of President-elect Barack Obama.

The Town Council in Standish condemned the sign on Thursday in a 6-0 vote and declared it reprehensible at a meeting where some residents defended the store owner, saying he had a right to free speech even if in bad taste, local authorities said.

“The town of Standish condemns in the strongest terms any such alleged activity calling for violence against any individual no matter their position, race or ethnicity,” said the resolution posted on the town’s website.

The sign in the Oak Hill General Store asked customers to place a $1 bet on the date of Obama’s assassination, and said “Let’s hope someone wins,” the Portland Press Herald reported. It was called the “Osama Obama Shotgun Pool.”

Quote of the Day: David Brooks

“Unlike past Democratic administrations, they are not just handing out jobs to the hacks approved by the favored interest groups. They’re thinking holistically — there’s a nice balance of policy wonks, governors and legislators. They’re also thinking strategically. As Norman Ornstein of the American Enterprise Institute notes, it was smart to name Tom Daschle both the head of Health and Human Services and the health czar. Splitting those duties up, as Bill Clinton did, leads to all sorts of conflicts…

Believe me, I’m trying not to join in the vast, heaving O-phoria now sweeping the coastal haute bourgeoisie. But the personnel decisions have been superb. The events of the past two weeks should be reassuring to anybody who feared that Obama would veer to the left or would suffer self-inflicted wounds because of his inexperience. He’s off to a start that nearly justifies the hype.”

David Brooks, 11.21.08

Halperin Continued…

The usually astute Josh Marshall has this observation:

Toward the end of the campaign, basically in September, McCain took a series of steps that began to crack his credibility and reputation. He and his campaign told a series of falsehoods that were so outside the bounds even by the normal standards of political lying and took a number of steps that where so erratic and reckless (Palin, campaign suspension, etc.) that the nature of his coverage finally began to change.

McCain did that. Halperin should stop complaining, put some limits on pandering to the curdled resentment of the right.

Ya Gotta Love the Comments Section of the Internet

Being a fan of Muddy Waters, Chuck Berry, and Etta James, I was watching the trailer for the upcoming movie “Cadillac Records” on YouTube to see if it might be any good.

I’ve always felt that most internet comments posted by “readers” on most newspaper articles, blogs, etc. to be of the useless variety  (a lot of outrageous declarations and no reasoned arguments), but this one thread really takes the cake:

brenden718 (1 day ago)
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