The Palin’s New Clothes

Everyone by now knows about the report that Politico broke (by simply bothering to read some expense reports) about the Republican National Committee’s ponying up $150,000 (that is Dollars, not Lira or Pesos) on wardrobe for our future Vice President. The breakdown is brutal:

  • Bills from Saks Fifth Avenue in St. Louis and New York for a combined $49,425.74.
  • A $75,062.63 shopping spree to Neiman Marcus in Minneapolis.

This may or may not become a media sensation outside of the latenight comedians hitting some easy homeruns off this softball. However, this story is much more dangerous than that. It will become something that drive-time radio deejays will banter about, workers going to the staff room to get another cup of the industrial coffee talk about, and an item that people email to each other with the subject line, “thought you might find this interesting”.

Now, most Joe Six Packers and Sally White Zinfandels do not do these sort of extravagant things- because, of course, they live on Main Street. So when our heroine gets up on stage and opines that her opponent “doesn’t see America the way you and I do”, the whole things just falls flat.

What this story does in a short amount of time is create an image in the voter’s heads (especially undecided voters) that they can react to.

To this day, I cannot tell you what John Kerry’s specific policy proposals on healthcare were. But I can tell you that I laughed at him when pictures of him windsurfing came out.


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