If Obama Wins…

Republican of Indiana, R. Lugar, with Obama

Republican of Indiana, R. Lugar, with Obama

There are many that have possibly set themselves up for disappointment. Many of the early supporters would like to believe that Obama and a Democratic Congress should push to achieve some sort of Left-Wing Utopia (as if this is actually attainable).

I doubt that this will happen and because of this, many on the left will come to resent Obama.

No matter, Obama must try to unify the majority of this country. After the culture wars of the 1990s and the reckless power-at-all-costs era of the Bush Administration, this country is desperate for a break. It is almost as if we would like to be boring for a little while.

If he wins, Obama will face a lot of pressure to find positions for Democrat warriors who long have toiled in the shadow government while Dick Cheney and GW Bush ran roughshod over this great nation. I think Obama must resist this pressure. In the interest of national healing, I believe he should tap clear, sober-minded people from the other side of the aisle as well (Robert Gates, Richard Lugar, Chuck Hagel, Colin Powell, etc). It would send a clear message to the American people that a President Obama would like to lead the whole nation out of this pathetic mess that we have got ourselves in.


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