Quote of the Day: Nate Silver

“The other irony of Mayer’s [New Yorker] article is that Palin was not the first choice of either McCain (who preferred Joe Lieberman) nor Steve Schmidt (who preferred Mitt Romney). She was the compromise choice after those names were vetoed during the deliberation process — not necessarily the best candidate, but the least unacceptable. Rarely does quality emerge from such a process of elimination — ask yourself why wedding music is so bad, or airline food is so bland — and this was no exception. In certain ways, Palin is the latest manifestation of what I call death-by-focus-group, a phenomenon made infamous by the Ford Edsel and by New Coke. In a post-Wikiepdia universe, in which the quantity of information may too easily be conflated for its quality, such mistakes may be all the easier to succumb to.”

Nate Silver, FiveThirtyEight.com


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