Quote of the Day: Brian Beutler

“CNN just asked an interesting question. I’m paraphrasing, but it went something like “What worthwhile things would you do if you had $4.5 million to spend.” They’re referring, of course, to Barack Obama’s daily advertising costs, which the McCain camp is trying to turn into some sort of scandal. Personally, if I had access to $4.5 million a day between now and Nov. 4, I’d hoard it all away, so that by the end I could be almost half as rich as Cindy McCain.

But liberals have been asking a different version of this question for a long time. What could you do with $10 billion a month if you weren’t spending it on a useless and failed war effort in Iraq? CNN never thought that one was worth elevating.”

Brian Beutler, 10.17.08


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