Colin Powell to Endorse Obama?

Several news sources (Times United Kingdom, Newsweek, Washington Post, Los Angeles Times) are reporting that the political world is abuzz as to whether retired general and Republican-almost presidential candidate, Colin Powell, will endorse Barack Obama this weekend on “Meet the Press”.

One has to wonder why Powell would go on for a lengthy interview on national television two weeks into election day. Obviously it is pure speculation, but the Obama campaign has a history of saving and using endorsements for maximum dramatic benefit (the now disgraced John Edwards, Joe Andrew in Indiana, Bill Richardson, etc).

They have done it at points where their momentum needed a slight boost or if their opponent is threatening to take over “the narrative”. If you remember, Hillary Clinton’s visit to Saturday Night Live became a small media narrative (for better or for worse). It helped humanize her in a way that her high-priced media advisor could not.

We all know that Sarah Palin will be on SNL this weekend. And, due to this nation’s fascination with Palin and Tina Fey’s impersonation, it is quite predictable that this would take up a couple news cycles by our esteemed national media. A Powell endorsement would suddenly dominate the narrative simply because of its perceived import:

  • Powell has been friends with John McCain for nearly three decades.
  • Powell is a Republican who would not endorse his party’s nominee.
  • Revenge: This would be Powell’s opportunity to reject the neo-cons who put a large blemish on his reputation.

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