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John Lennon: “Stand by Me” Cover

“Stand by Me” is a classic song. I heard it on the radio today and I thought about all the versions of it that are out there. I still think the best are the original by Ben E. King and this cover by John Lennon in 1975:


Chuck Todd: Obama Using Code Words to Attract the Center

Colin Powell to Endorse Obama?

Several news sources (Times United Kingdom, Newsweek, Washington Post, Los Angeles Times) are reporting that the political world is abuzz as to whether retired general and Republican-almost presidential candidate, Colin Powell, will endorse Barack Obama this weekend on “Meet the Press”.

One has to wonder why Powell would go on for a lengthy interview on national television two weeks into election day. Obviously it is pure speculation, but the Obama campaign has a history of saving and using endorsements for maximum dramatic benefit (the now disgraced John Edwards, Joe Andrew in Indiana, Bill Richardson, etc).

They have done it at points where their momentum needed a slight boost or if their opponent is threatening to take over “the narrative”. If you remember, Hillary Clinton’s visit to Saturday Night Live became a small media narrative (for better or for worse). It helped humanize her in a way that her high-priced media advisor could not. Continue reading

Chicago Tribune Endorses Senator Obama

This, perhaps, would seem a formality given that the CTrib is in Obama’s home state. However, it should be noted that they have never endorsed a Democratic candidate for president. This is their first time. It should also be noted that while they endorsed Illinois homeboys Ronanld Reagan & Abraham Lincoln, they did not endorse Republican Ulysses Grant who was also from Illinois.

“We… think Obama would govern as much more of a pragmatic centrist than many people expect.

We know first-hand that Obama seeks out and listens carefully and respectfully to people who disagree with him. He builds consensus. He was most effective in the Illinois legislature when he worked with Republicans on welfare, ethics and criminal justice reform.

He worked to expand the number of charter schools in Illinois–not popular with some Democratic constituencies.

He took up ethics reform in the U.S. Senate–not popular with Washington politicians. Continue reading

Zombie Pub Crawl 2008

One of the great things about living in Minneapolis is the annual Halloween time “Zombie Pub Crawl”. For the uninitiated, it’s simply a celebration of zombies who like to drink (from bar to bar to bar to bar to….). So if you’re interested, get gussied up and join in the festivities. Here is a link to the official Zombie Pub Crawl site,

Tom Horgen has a good piece in the Star Tribune about the event. Best quote:

Question: “Will we be doing much walking?”

Answer: “About 1.5 miles. We will be walking like zombies, so it will take longer to get from one bar to the next. Also, you may need to stop to feast on human brains.”

Also, here is a video of a ZPC from year’s past:

Of Smears and Robo-Calls

There are many concerned about the potential impact of the current smear “robo-calls” the McCain campaign is rolling out, accusing Obama of everything from terrorism to killing babies.

Personally, I believe that this move is meant mainly to energize the wing-nut crowd who would be then motivated to get up off the couch to actually go vote. This tactic is probably being used because the McCain camp is concerned that some people might not show up to vote because they think that it is futile. Continue reading

Quote of the Day: Steve Benen

“Let’s be clear: Sarah Palin looks down on millions of Americans who don’t meet her vision of what “real” Americans look like. As far as she’s concerned, these millions of Americans are to be tolerated, but they’re not as “good” or as “kind” or as “patriotic” as Palin and her allies.

This is, for lack of a better word, snobbery. She think she’s better than the millions of Americans who live in cities. That’s not only wrong, it’s un-American.”

Steve Benen, Washington Monthly, on Sarah Palin’s remarks about how happy she is to visit “Pro-American” parts of the country.