David Frum’s Applebee’s Moment

A couple of days ago on the Rachel Maddow show, writer David Frum criticized Stephen Colbert for making fun of an inaccuracy by David Brooks:

“A few days ago, Colbert scoffed at my friend David Brooks for referring to the “salad bar” at Applebee’s – when Applebee’s doesn’t feature salad bars. An error – how ridiculous! But conscious fabrication? I guess that’s OK, so long as it’s done in the sacred name of comedy.”

That is the whole point!!

Colbert was making fun of a David Brooks statement criticizing Senator Obama for not understanding the “Average American” who uses the salad bar at Applebee’s and feeding into the out of touch elitist image.

Is there no irony lost on Mr. Frum that David Brooks only exposed HIMSELF as the out of touch elitist? It’s amazing how some of these writers like Brooks and Noonan continue to speak for “Middle America” and “Real Americans” but their deserved success has removed them so far from the very people that they pretend to be experts about. Come on!


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