Revealing Your Cards

If you have been reading the papers or watching the TV news, you probably know that John McCain has promised to “kick Obama’s you-know-what” and “bring up the ‘terrorist’ connection” in the third and final presidential debate.

It seems to be a curious strategy for someone seeking to upend the current frontrunner in the polls.

First, if you promise to knock out your opponent, you create such a high bar for yourself that if you do not completely reach it, you will be deemed to have failed.

Second, if you announce to the world that you are going after your opponent by using a certain tactic, your opponent (if he/she has any intelligence) will make sure that they are prepared for this kind of battle. It is hard to take your opponent off “their game” when they are ready for the attack. It is the equivalent of a quarterback telling the linebacker exactly where he is going to throw the ball…. Do not be surprised if you see an interception returned for a touchdown.

That interception would be the recent news that came out that McCain’s presidential transition chief, William Timmons, lobbied for Saddam Hussein. If Obama wants to, he can and will run with this.

But my prediction will be that Obama will have some defense ready to use, but will quickly move to redirect the debate and “own” the middle-class argument.


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