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Quote of the Day: Fred Hiatt

“Without Sarah Palin to rally the base, and without the insidious questioning of Obama’s patriotism, McCain might be even further behind.

But he also might be doing better — and he might be happier, too. That, at least, is one way to interpret an intriguing exchange that took place at a rally in Minnesota on Friday.

A woman took the microphone to say that Obama could not be trusted because he is an “Arab” — not a surprising misconception, given the Republicans who have taken to stressing Obama’s middle name, Hussein. But McCain rebuked her: “No, ma’am, he’s a decent family man, a citizen, who I just happen to have disagreements with on fundamental issues. And that’s what this campaign is all about.”

It’s not what this campaign is all about, and as McCain was speaking, his campaign ads were calling Obama a liar. But it’s what the campaign could have been about, if McCain had really wanted it that way.”

Fred Hiatt, Washington Post 10.13.08


“The Vulcan is Winning…”

Illustration by Drew Friedman

Illustration by Drew Friedman

“Mr. Obama, as far as anybody knows, does not greet strangers with a cloven V salute, practice debilitating neck pinches, bleed green or have a constitutional incapacity to fib. But his methodical, unflappable style and otherworldly resistance to overt displays of emotion—not to mention his temperamental inability, or refusal, to connect on a visceral level with working-class voters—makes him, by contemporary candidate standards, downright alien.

That’s usually not a good thing. Yet, with less than a month until Election Day 2008, the Vulcan is winning.”

Jason Horowitz, New York Observer

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