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“I Swear It’s Not Too Late…”

Bruce Springsteen with Roger McGuinn perform The Byrds’ “Turn Turn Turn”:


Who Is Running This Campaign?

And so today, after much speculation about whether McCain would announce bold new economic proposals, here is what happened:

  • John McCain gave a speech saying, “These are hard times, my friends. Our economy is in crisis. Financial markets are collapsing. Credit is drying up. Your savings are in danger and your retirement is at risk. Jobs are disappearing.”
  • Barack Obama gave a speech outlining specific policy proposals on aiding the economy.

Now, if you were an independent voter concerned about your retirement, your job security, and your mortgage, what candidate would attract you?

You do not need to be high priced political consultant (Schmidt, Davis, etc) to realize that.

Quote of the Day: Andrew Sullivan

“Nate Silver senses a McCain campaign reboot narrative. If it gives us a Palin press conference – open-ended, with follow-ups – it will be worth it. But remember they have only signed onto this because the alternative has failed. They’re only honorable and accountable when the opposite doesn’t work.”

Andrew Sullivan, 10.13.08

Jed Lewison: Conservatives Bailing…. or Hedging Bets

Jed Lewison has worked tirelessly tracking this campaign. He has edited together several conservative pundits and their recent commentary on the state of the McCain campaign. I believe most are being honest (Will, Rollins). However, do we smell a rat (or power play) with Kristol?

By the way, check out Jed’s site.

Quote of the Day: The Cunning Realist

“What’s happening right now should be of intellectual interest to anyone who appreciates the significance of witnessing seminal, historic events first-hand. If there’s something good about this collapse, it’s that it is taking place while most of those responsible are still in office. For years, the administration and its economic appointees did everything possible to prop things up until Inauguration Day 2009. Those failed efforts contributed to the scale of the current situation.”

The Cunning Realist, 10.09.08

Say Anything: “The Man in Me”

Those of you fans of Sota Boy Coen Brothers’ “The Big Lebowski” and Bob Dylan’s song “The Man in Me” will probably enjoy this pop-punk cover by the group Say Anything featuring Chris Conley:

Barkley May Be Hurting Incumbent Coleman

Paul Demko of The Minnesota Independent has a non-conventional wisdom take on Dean Barkley’s impact on the senate race. He argues that Barkley may be hurting incumbent Norm Coleman more:

“The Independence Party challenger has been polling near 20 percent and is poised to have a major impact on the Senate race — despite having almost no money in what’s expected to be the most expensive campaign in Minnesota history.

But Barkley shouldn’t be expecting any gift baskets from Coleman between now and election day. That’s because the conventional wisdom — i.e. a strong third-party candidate translates into six more years for Norm in Washington — doesn’t seem to be panning out. In fact it’s becoming clear that the emergence of Barkley as a factor in the race is disproportionately hurting the incumbent.

Let’s take a look at the poll numbers. There have been six polls taken since the beginning of August that included Barkley as a choice. Here’s the average spread in those surveys: Coleman, 41.2; Franken, 40.2; Barkley, 12.5. Now consider the spread in the last six polls that included just the Democrat and Republican candidates: Coleman, 49.2; Franken, 42.2.”