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Quote of the Day: Gail Collins

“The Republican campaign strategy now involves sending their candidates to areas where everybody is a die-hard McCain supporter already. Then they yell about Obama until the crowd is so frenzied people start making threats. The rest of the country is supposed to watch and conclude that this would be an enjoyable way to spend the next four years…

[and Sarah] Palin has been pressing the line that people don’t really know “the real Barack Obama,” and who could make the argument better than a woman who we’ve already known for almost six weeks? Really, she’s like one of the family.”

Gail Collins, NY Times, 10.10.08


This Bitch Does Not Represent Minnesota

Hopefully, the rest of the USA will not think that this beautiful, great state is filled with frizzy haired nutjob yahoos like this one:

Norm Coleman Changing Strategy

The internal polling must be saying something that the Obama campaign figured out a long time ago. Voters just realized their retirement lost nearly 20% of its value in the last week alone.

Nate Silver sees that because the McCain campaign has not significantly addressed this major concern of the voters, other GOP candidates like Coleman are beginning to treat McCain as “if he has cooties”:

“This is pretty interesting:

[Norm] Coleman told reporters that he would not be appearing at a planned rally with McCain this afternoon. Could it be McCain’s sliding polling numbers in Minnesota? His attacks on Obama? Coleman said he needs the time to work on suspending his own negative ads.
“Today,” he said, “people need hope and a more positive campaign is a start.”

There are at least three groups of Republicans that might have an interest in distancing themselves from John McCain. Firstly, purple-state moderates like Coleman and Gordon Smith who don’t like the campaign’s tone. Secondly, the anti-bailout economic populists in the House who might be looking ahead to 2010 and 2012. And thirdly, true conservatives who never trusted McCain that much to begin with.”

Chuck Todd also sees this:

“The Neuroscience of Being Undecided”

Sam Wang has an excellent blog called the Princeton Election Consortium. He has this very interesting take on the undecided voters out there:

Recent polls have “about 8% of voters saying that they are undecided. This figure suggests that movement in the race is still possible. For example, if all undecided voters decided to vote for McCain, the popular vote would be near-tied. But just how undecided are these voters, really?

In a recent study (news story), 129 residents of an Italian town were asked about their attitude toward a controversial expansion of a nearby U.S. military base. Researchers found that the opinions of 33 “undecideds” could be predicted a week in advance by a series of questions relevant to the issue. This result raises the possibility that decisions exist in an internal form before people can report them. Continue reading