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Mortgage Mess: 2 Interesting Quotes from the Past

The Cunning Realist found these to interesting quotes from four years back regarding mortgage issues:

“I signed into law the American Dream Downpayment initiative, which authorizes $200 million a year to assist an estimated 40,000 low-income families with downpayment funds. In this year’s budget, I proposed the Zero Downpayment initiative, which would eliminate the statutory requirement of a minimum 3% downpayment for Federal Housing Administration-insured single-family mortgages for first-time homebuyers.”

George Bush 9/20/04

“The Zero Downpayment Act, as its names suggests, creates a federal program that allows some homebuyers to obtain federally-insured mortgages without making a down payment. “Federally-insured” really means taxpayer-insured, as taxpayers like you foot the bill for defaults…Between the Federal Housing Administration, which is the largest insurer of mortgages in the world, and the government-created Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac corporations, the mortgage market is hopelessly distorted. Millions of mortgages in this country are federally insured, and the tax bill for defaults could be astronomical if the housing bubble bursts.”

Ron Paul 6/21/04