The Hard Bigotry of Low Expectations

“What’s saddest I think is that Palin is getting much better reviews than she would have if she were a man. Let’s face it. The press is holding her to a much lower standard for fear of being called sexist by Republicans. Dan Quayle did much better than Palin did in his 1988 debate and he didn’t get nearly the praise she has.” – Anonymous Liberal, 10/3/08

While I agree with A.L.’s general assessment in his/her analysis, I would like to take it one step further by asking a couple of questions.

What if Barack Obama displayed the same lack of knowledge about the issues, save for a bare memorization of sound bites? How do you think those that are enamored with Palin would treat him? Can anyone see the caricature about the “ignorant black man” character? Can anyone see the demagoguery about “affirmative action within the Democratic Party”?

What if Barack Obama had a black teenage daughter that got knocked up by some unfocused not-ready-to-be-a-father black kid? How do you think the cultural warriors would handle this? Does the phrase “moral breakdown of society” and “parents not knowing how to teach values” ring a bell?

What if Barack Obama consistently told significant lies about facts and figures despite all facts being to the contrary?

What you are witnessing is an absolute farce. What you are witnessing right now is Republican Affirmative Action. What you are witnessing is an insult to your intelligence.



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