A True Conservative

Daniel Larison, an excellent conservative writer, has a great piece on the tendencies of people to try to compare every two-bit political hack to Ronald Reagan. Mr. Larison has not drank from the Kool-Aid well:

“Reagan didn’t need to learn the names of foreign leaders and conventions for discussing foreign policy when he was nominated to a national ticket, because he had already acquired that knowledge decades earlier.  If there were people who underestimated Reagan during any of his presidential campaigns, and I know there were, they did so out of their ignorance of what Reagan’s familiarity with foreign affairs was.  There’s some pretty poor reasoning going on among Palin’s fans: “Palin is a governor, Reagan was a governor, therefore Palin will be like Reagan.”  What is most remarkable about all of this is that in the desperate effort to make Palin credible even Reagan will be shown disrespect.”



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