Renee & Steve’s Restaurant Reviews

Whenever me and my lady want to go out to dinner, I have to admit that I really do not look for the advice of the local paper’s critics. City Pages finally has a new writer, so it has improved recently.

However, if you’re looking for decent, unpretentious reviews, I recommend that you check out Renee & Steve’s Restaurant Reviews. Their site is quite simple. Every 1-3 weeks, they go to a new restaurant. Their review is divided into two sections: one for Renee’s opinion and the other for Steve’s.

It’s really quite refreshing reading their reviews. It’s from the perspective of two people going out to have a meal (imagine that) rather than some writer trying to win an award or feeding their own creative vanity.

In fact, I must also thank R&S for turning me onto Rooster’s, a little known St. Paul BBQ joint (Look for my own review of that place coming soon). That was some amazing chicken and ribs!!!

Thank you Renee & Steve and keep up the good work!


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